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The Science Bit!

BFL SeptaClean contains a blend of natural micro-organisms that have been specially selected for their ability to break down the three main constituents of domestic effluent - proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This process is conducted by a broad range of enzymes which are produced by the bacteria. These bacteria are facultative meaning that they can operate under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Since they have this ability they grow and develop much faster than the anaerobic bacteria and are more efficient in degrading waste material in a septic tank. The end products of anaerobic activity include noxious gases such as hydrogen sulphide and methane. However BFL SeptaClean does not produce odour causing compounds and, therefore, the results are much less offensive and more amenable to pleasant surroundings.

The soakaway will also benefit as there will be more efficient breakdown of scum and other organics. This leads to a significant reduction in the carryover of solids so that the soakaway remains clear.

The bacterial cultures are produced as individual pure cultures, harvested, stabilised on a cereal base and blended to produce the final product.

  • Eliminates bad odours
  • Prevention of soakaway blockages
  • Eliminates emergency pump outs
  • Efficient break down of paper and vegetable matter
  • Safe for people and the environment. Reduces use of harmful Detergents, Bleaches & Disinfectants
  • Cost effective solution to maintaining your Septic Tank. Reduces Tank emptying costs
  • Improves resistance to upsets in your tank
  • Guaranteed Irish Product